Astrological Predictions for 2024 - for ALL Zodiac Signs

A Stellar 15 years Voyage begins!

The year of 2023, aptly referred to as the Chariot in the realm of tarot, was a captivating cosmic journey, filled with celestial realignment and transformative energy. The astrological dance of Saturn and Jupiter brought about extraordinary changes, shaping the course of the past twelve months. And of course, the adventure continues, for this new year is none other than the year of Strength in Tarot! So let's proceed with the Astrological Predictions for 2024!

But what remains unaltered?

  • Saturn in Pisces

  • North/South Nodes in Aries/Libra axis

  • Chiron in Aries

  • Jupiter in Taurus (till May)

At the dawning of 2023, Saturn ventured into the mysterious waters of Pisces, a realm that beckons us to embrace spirituality and venture beyond the confines of traditional religious systems. Saturn will stay there till 2026! Here, we will unearth the ethereal spaces and pave the way for divine will to manifest itself. A profound transformation awaits Christianity, as evidenced by the seemingly unimaginable blessings bestowed upon same-sex couples by the Pope—an event that defied centuries of tradition.

The North and South nodes, residing in Aries and Libra respectively, instilled in us a deep introspection and an intense desire to seek equilibrium within ourselves. Our very identity became a subject of scrutiny, as we delved into the intricate interplay of our relationships.

The presence of Chiron in Aries throughout the year 2023 brought forth themes of self-worth and the triumph over limiting beliefs that hinder our confidence and potential. From July 26th to December 26th, Chiron Retrograde took up residence in Aries, urging us to face our inner adversaries head-on. It prompted us to accept that the world does not conspire against us; rather, our downfall often stems from our own self-inflicted actions.

Lastly, Jupiter remained nestled in Taurus, focusing its magnanimous energy on attaining abundance within the material realm. Its grand mission was to alter the tides of inflation and vanquish poverty, offering us a glimmer of hope and prosperity.

So what changes?

  • Jupiter in Gemini (in June)

  • Pluto in Aquarius

In the month of June 2024, an intriguing transformation awaits Jupiter as it transitions into the zodiac sign of Gemini. This celestial shift brings forth a realm of possibilities, vastly distinct from its previous abode in Taurus. Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring realm of Artificial Intelligence and its manifold manifestations. Who knows, we may even find concrete evidence of extraterrestrial existence, expanding our understanding of the universe!

Simultaneously, Pluto bids farewell to its prolonged 15-yo sojourn in Capricorn, cautiously dipping his underworldly toes into the boundless winds of Aquarius. Emphasizing the significance of this profound transition would just be an understatement. It marks the closure of one chapter and the dawn of an all-new era. Undoubtedly, the past fifteen years have been fraught with challenges, encompassing financial turmoil and conflicts. However, this cosmic dance of celestial bodies has shaken the very foundations of our worldly existence, nudging us towards a more innovative and compassionate perspective.

The year 2024, with its celestial twists and turns, proves that the cosmos has much in store for us. As we embrace the mysteries of the tarot, we embark upon a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation.