Your Lucky Rune for 2024 - based on your Zodiac Sign

your Lucky Rune for 2024 based on the predictions and the influences that your Zodiac Sign will receive the next 12 months!

Your Lucky Rune for 2024 - based on your Zodiac Sign

This is what you've been waiting for. A key to make the new year a golden time for you. Or maybe a quick fix to counter the challenges and conjure the blessings of the New Year. Hence, this article is dedicated to all our devoted readers who need the best quality magic for their lives. So, let's get to business. This is your Lucky Rune for 2024.

What are the Runes?

Just like the Tarot, Runes are portals from which magical forces can be conjured. Runes echo archetypical Magical forces and Elements of the universe. This is why nearly everything can be traced back and be associated with at least one Rune. Hence, we can use Runes for both divination and to alter our destiny. So, let's dive into the Lucky Rune of your Zodiac Sign for 2024!

How to create a Lucky Rune:

Find a smooth pebble. Carve the Rune on it. Then, paint the Rune with red color - which symbolizes the blood, hence the energy that you conjure. Keep the rune in your pocket with you.

Your Lucky Rune for 2024 - based on your Zodiac Sign

So let's proceed with your Lucky Rune for 2024 based on the predictions and the influences that your Zodiac Sign will receive the next 12 months!

Aries: Wunjo

The past years may have been creative, but at the same time it costed you like a lot of your energy levels. Chiron in your Zodiac sign made it very difficult for you to complete your goals as he kept reminding you of your open wounds. With Wunjo, you will conjure completion and success, to help you attract more good vibes and power in your way! Use the power of Wunjo to be finally recognized in your career and, if you are single, to attract the special someone!

Taurus: Raidho

In 2024, the changes will continue as Uranus in in your Zodiac sign bringing forth changes - something we all know you don't like so much. But also help is here - both Jupiter in your Zodiac sign but also Saturn from Pisces help you stabilize and create abundance! Hence, you need something to help you go with the flow, but always make you a winner! Raidho will help you embrace the changes that are coming and attract more good luck on your way. Furthermore, this magical rune will conjure success in your way and more fun!

Gemini: Sowilo

Jupiter is about to enter your Zodiac Sign, and this is certainly a cause for celebration but right you feel more the pressure of Saturn who brings forth changes and demands especially in your career. Sowilo, the powerful rune of the Sun, will help you conjure good vibes which will align with the expansive energy of Jupiter, hence, creating a vortex of greatness! Success, satisfaction, wealth and victory against all odds! Sounds perfect right? Well it's now yours!

Cancer: Pertho

You've been through so much the past 15 years with Pluto right across your zodiac sign. It was time of reflection in your relationships. Challenges have also made it clear that you are tougher that anyone thing. But in a while (February) Pluto will kiss you goodbye from this harsh position and will give you the chance to stand up and embrace the greatness of your future! Pertho is that extra something you need to make your life magical - AGAIN. Good luck will be conjured, along with success and satisfaction!

Leo: Algiz

Power has arrived already in 2023 but only for a while. From February you will receive a huge boost of energy to reevaluate your relationships and deals! You probably already feel it in your bones. This intense energy can also transform your life in many ways you cannot even imagine right now. However, you need to be protected from evil influences. Algiz rune is what you need to deflect all the troublesome vibes that may come your way. Hence, keep Algiz with you - as a magical umbrella - which will permit only good magic!

Virgo: Eihwaz

The new year comes with so many promises of a great new future as Jupiter shines his blessings through your ninth solar house giving your golden opportunities. But also, a great and a bit heavy energy has already arrived. Saturn makes things difficult for you to expand although itThis energy, if directed wisely, can help you reach greatness like never before! Hence, use Eihwaz, which promises endurance and immortality to fight back - whoever may appear against you! Use the power of this rune to fortify yourself and to get the most out of the new year!

Libra: Gebo

It's been a tough time with Chiron right across your zodiac sign, challenging you to heal your past wounds. But the truth is that a change is coming as Pluto leaves the tough spot affecting your family and home (and you career). This effect was 15years long! Now you will breathe freely! So, with so many changes in your way, it goes without saying that you need to be re-balanced. Gebo is the rune you need. A fertile, earthly energy of abundance, which will conjure peace and balance in your life. Wherever there is tension, Gebo will bring peace and healing!

Scorpio: Thurisaz

With Uranus right across your Zodiac Sign it's nearly impossible not to have felt the intense power of change - in your relationships and negotiations. Nothing is the same. The power you felt the past years may has brought you to your knees, as changes made you realize your limits. However, now your have some extra help from Saturn and Jupiter. Hence, Thurisaz is needed, as it will create a vortex of inner power - bringing forth protection and creativity. This will deflect the astral debris and help you change the course of events for your benefit!

Sagittarius: Uruz

With Saturn in your solar house reflecting your home and family you may have felt the need to break free. But is this the right choice? Maybe you need to deal with issues and heal the wounds. Remember, help is coming in May 2024! So, this is the Rune which will help you control your emotions. In the next year you will need to manifest your desires, but it's important to avoid manifesting your fears too. Uruz will help you connect with the divine powers, trust yourself, and take the risks you need to take to move forward.

Capricorn: Kenaz

That was a ride that changed everything in your life. For the past 15 years the intense and transformative influence of Pluto left you sometimes paralyzed and unable to cope with what is going on! But look at yourself. Don't you feel stronger? After 15 years of intense energies, 2024 comes with much less drama and more fun! Hence, you need Kenaz to clear you mind from emotional debris and embrace a bright new future! Inspiration, good luck and creativity to shape your new, bright destiny! Your Lucky Rune is Kenaz.

Aquarius: Ansuz

The time for change has come dear Aquarius. Mark my words. The following years are going to change your life and bring forth a so much more powerful version of you. So, let me introduce you to Ansuz. This is the Rune of Odin, the Allfather. Hence, this rune will conjure the extra power, that is needed, in your heart, to help you stand strong and deal with all the amazing opportunities that will rise during the new year. Because, believe me, you may get lost in the variety of choices! Odin's rune will help you take the right path and create a steady and abundant future!

Pisces: Fehu

As you already know Saturn in your Zodiac Sign along with Neptune and this has given the power you needed to fight back against your enemies - even if this enemy was yourself! Let me be straight. It certainly isn't easy. But it's valuable and helpful. When the dust leaves you will see how much these energies helped you change your life. However, this may have depleted your energy! Now that Jupiter enters your second solar house, your lucky rune Fehu will help you manifest your wishes and create a fruitful future!