this Weekend Will Rain Stars - Perseids 2023

years Most interesting Meteor Shower peaks this Weekend: August 12 & 13 2023

Star Magic & the Ways of the Stars: the most spectacular Meteor Shower of the Year Peaks This Weekend: Perseids 2023 Meteor Shower will peak on August 12 and 13. We expect a spectacular number of falling stars and fireballs with no Moonlight! Tonight, it will rain stars ... AND FIREBALLS!

The Perseids 2023 Meteor Shower - years Most interesting one

Perseids meteor shower is considered the most interesting one. Unlike last year’s Perseids coinciding with the August Full Moon, this year’s August New Moon will allow more meteor to arise. It can rain up to 80-100 falling stars per hour. In 2016 the rate was increased by 150 up to 200 beautiful falling stars per hour! Nature has scheduled a show for this weekend that we should not miss.

How Many will we see in 2023?

We should expect up to 100 falling stars and fireballs per hour! According to Bill Cooke, leader of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office: “People in the U.S. can reasonably expect to see around 40 Perseids in the hour just before dawn on the peak nights. That’s about one every couple of minutes, which is not bad

The moon is extremely favorable for the Perseids this year as we're in the New Moon phase, hence that makes it extra magical. Hence, the absence of moonlight is going to help Nature's unique show, as the Perseids 2023 are expected (as most of times) to be very bright. Also, Perseids 2023 are very rich in fireballs that will brighten up the sky in a magical way. So tonight, we are going to enjoy the most spectacular show of Nature!

Though sporadic shooting stars adorn the dark sky on any given night of the year, meteor showers are usually annual events with really impressive magical impact. This meteor shower derives its name from the constellation Perseus, because the meteors seem to stream from this realm of the sky.

The Magic of Perseids 2023

In Star Witchcraft, these nights are very important because:

  • Legend has it that Perseids Meteor shower is literally magical fire.

  • Ptolemy has associated it with the Powers of Jupiter and Saturn combined!

  • Witches used it to bring hope (and Light) back into their hearts as the energy of these nights are similar to the Winter Solstice! (Return of the Sun king).

  • The Stars of the Constellation and the meteors coming from it are used in Protection Spells and to Break Jinxes and Curses. Hence, one can use to break free from the Dark Arts.

Many legends and stories are associated with Perseus and the Perseids.

  • In Ancient Greece Perseus is slayer of the powerful gorgon Medusa and rescuer of Queen Cassiopeia. Perseus son of Zeus took her head and gave it to Olympus only to become the powerful shield of Goddess Athena. Perseus was believed to ride the magnificent winged horse, Pegasus.

  • In India the constellation is associated with Mitra, the Sun God.

  • The same applies to some Persian stories & Zarathustra.

Some Catholics refer to the Perseids as the "tears of Saint Lawrence" who was burnt alive, suspended in the sky but returning to earth once a year.

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